Professional Practice

William has a broad civil practice and has been instructed in a wide range of cases, including commercial, competition, contempt, intellectual property, equity & trusts, property and professional liability.

William has been ranked as a leading junior in Legal 500 and is described as “eloquent in his submissions and can often pinpoint weaknesses in the other side’s cases.” He has appeared as an advocate before the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, the Competition Tribunal, Copyright Tribunal and the Registrar of Trade Marks.

William is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and accepts appointment to act as arbitrator.

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2013  PCLL (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

2010  Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Studies (University of Sydney)

2005  Saint Ignatius College, Riverview (Sydney)

Professional Appointments & Memberships

Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators

Part-time Lecturer (Non-Clinical), Department of Professional Legal Education, The University of Hong Kong (2020-present)

Committee Member, Committee of Intellectual Property of the Hong Kong Bar Association (2019-present)

Committee Member, Standing Committee of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Bar Association (2022-present)


Publications, Lectures & Seminars

“Metaverse, Trademarks, Competition” 2022 (CPD Seminar)

Competition Law with Industry Focus on Construction Materials and Related Sectors” November 2020

“Neway Music Ltd v Hong Kong Karaoke Licensing Alliance Limited: A Landmark Decision by the Copyright Tribunal”  Hong Kong Lawyer, 11 June 2020

“Competition Law as a Defence in Civil Actions” 2019 (CPD Seminar)

“Introduction on Competition Ordinance Cap. 619” 2017 (CPD Seminar)

Selected Cases

Intellectual Property

  • EL: AR Ltd v Future Lighting Collection Ltd HCIP 3/2023 (copyright infringement and revocation of registered design)
  • JK Ballet & Jazz School Ltd v Jolly Kids Education & Ors HCIP 68/2022 (trade mark infringement, passing off, invalidation of trade mark registration, acquiescence and estoppel)
  • Hung Win Trading Co Ltd v Ku Ka Fai Alan HCIP 57/2022 (trade mark infringement and passing off)
  • Bentley Motors Limited v Aucera S.A. HCIP 53/2022 (revocation of trade marks for non-use)
  • Re Hong Kong Standard Patent No. HK40026920 HCIP 23/2022 (amendment of patent specification)
  • Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Ltd v Honor City HK Pharmacy Ltd HCIP 84/2021: trademark infringement and passing off
  • German Pool Group Co Ltd & Ors v Dyson Technology Ltd & Another HCIP 53/2019 (inquiries of damages on cross-undertaking given for an interlocutory injunction and groundless threats of patent infringement). Led by Andrew Liao S.C.
  • Monster Energy Company v 洪嘉珮 HCIP 5/2019, [2020] HKCFI 561 (appeal from decision of the Registrar of Trade Marks Registry)
  • Opposition of Trademark “CVA” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “VIVO” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “Buffy” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “CHALI” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “a2 Store” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “ATWO” (decision pending)
  • Opposition of Trademark “OT Tango & Device” [2023] HKTMR 24
  • Revocation of Trademark “JAGUAR”  [2023] HKTMR 4
  • Neway Music Ltd v Hong Kong Karaoke Licensing Ltd CT 2/2010: (37 days trial before the Copyright Tribunal on the reasonableness of licence fees charged under a karaoke music videos licensing scheme). Led by Andrew Liao SC and with Norman Hui


  • Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd v Homer International Sports (Shanghai) Co., Ltd & Anor DCCJ 3090/2021 (breach of licensing agreement, foreign law)
  • E-Hold Construction Ltd v Oasis Well Ltd DCCJ 2648/2021 (breach of construction contract, summary judgment)
  • Lee Man Fai v Yip Pak Keung HCA 1631/2018 trial settled on second day (contract, misrepresentation, restitution, illegality defence)
  • Design Time Ltd v Complete Power International Ltd & ors HCA 1808/2019 (summary judgment application, bond dispute)
  • Toy Quest Ltd v Nuance Communications Ireland Ltd HCA 832/2018 (breach of technology licensing agreement)
  • Wang Rujing v GTI Holdings Ltd & Anor DCCJ 3868/2019 (summary judgment application, breach of settlement agreement, bond dispute)


  • Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Ltd v Imperial Charity Hall Medicines Ltd & Anor HCIP 13/2022 (failure to comply with disclosure orders)
  • Cartier International AG & Ors v Dynasty Jewelry (Hong Kong) Ltd [2021] HKCFI 1005 (failure to comply with disclosure orders), appeal decision pending
  • Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Ltd v Yue Hwa Cosmetic Ltd & Anor HCIP 75/2021 (failure to comply with disclosure orders)


  • Taching Petroleum Co Ltd v Meyer Aluminium Ltd; Shell Hong Kong Ltd v Meyer Aluminium Ltd [2021] HKCT 2; [2021] HKCFI 3028; [2021] HKCFI 1690; [2021] HKCA 294; [2020] 4 HKLRD 646; [2020] HKCT 2 (with Kenneth K.H. Lee and Nana Lui) acted for the Defendant in alleging price collusion between the Taching Petroleum Co Ltd and Shell Hong Kong Ltd and thereby in breach of the first conduct rule as a defence to claims for payment for goods sold and delivered
  • Advising an undertaking on matters involving investigation brought by the Competition Commission

Equity and Trust

  • HK88 Enterprises Limited v Su Yuan-Yu HCA 926/2018 (beneficial ownership of land, constructive and resulting trust)
  • Shun Pong Ltd v Chan Koo Kai Felix and others HCA 255/2017 (proprietary estoppel)


  • Max Choice Development Ltd & Anor v Chan Chak Sung & Anors DCMP 3452/2021 (adverse possession)
  • The Incorporated Owners of Haiphong Mansion v James S. LEe & Company & Anor LDBM 138/2021 (breach of DMC)
  • Guan Jianwei v Huo Xing Hua DCCJ 2281/2019 (summary judgment application, vacant possession)


  • Acted in a dispute concerning sale and purchase of future receivables (HKIAC arbitration)

Professional liability

  • Herman H M Hui & Co v Ho Shun Miu [2023] HKDC 60 (professional negligence)